About Music Department

The music department aims to help the aspirants build a career in the field of music and arts. The course consists of electives or specializations such as classical music, Hindustani music, western, vocals, etc. The undergraduate course in Music course aims to ensure that all the important aspects of music and art course, ensuring that the students are able to learn all the skills.
Our courses provide the basic ideas and concepts of Music Vocal, through this programme students will get knowledge about Indian Classical music. The course intends to orient the learner with the approaches to the discipline of Music Vocal. Through this course, the students will get to know the different Ragas, Taals, basic science of Indian Music, notation system of Indian and Western Music, History of Indian Music, origin and development of Gharana tradition, study of regional music, styles of Ravindra Sangeet and carnatic Sangeet along with the biographies of some distinguish artist and scholars of Indian Music. Students will also get acquainted with the musical stage performance. Through its curriculum, students will get acquainted with the authentic aspects of historical facts and gain knowledge of the glory of Indian Music. Students will be motivated to contribute towards nation building by making them aware of the Indian music and culture. The curriculum will not only provide a bridge of performance ability to the students but also provide them employment opportunities.

Music Syllabus

Profile of Teaching Staff

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Dr. Kalyan Chand, Associate Professor, M.A. M.Phil. Ph.D.
Teaching Experience: 24 Years
Student Intake =  60