Mentor-Mentee Programme

Tender aged under-Graduate students often need mentoring, guidance and counselling from a loving elderly person. Moreover, keeping in view the rural background of the students, mentoring system has been started in the college to better serve the needs of an ever-changing and dynamic learning atmosphere.
In this mentoring system, each faculty member will be the mentor of a group of 30 to 40 students. The mentor will perform the following functions and is always free do more for the benefit of the students.

  • Meet the group of students at least once a month.
  • Continuously monitor, counsel, guide, and motivate the students in all academic matters.
  • Advise students regarding choice of electives, projects, summer training, etc.
  • Contact parents/guardians if the situation demands e.g. academic irregularities, negative behavioural changes, and interpersonal relations, detrimental activities, etc.
  • Advise students in their career development/professional guidance.
  • Maintain contact with the students even after their graduation.

Procedure of the Scheme:

  • The mentor-mentee programme comprises of a coordinator and mentors.
  • Students are divided into groups of 30-40 students.
  • Each group is then allotted mentor teacher.
  • A diary is issued to all mentor teachers in which all relevant information such as group number, name of the mentor teacher, name of allotted students, their class, subjects etc is entered.
  • Mentor-mentee meet is held on second Saturday of each month afternoon.
  • After Mentor-mentee meet, the teacher submits its report to the coordinator specifying any special issue/problem raised by the mentee group.
  • A feedback form on infrastructural facilities, departmental activities, library, and the teaching methods of teachers is given to mentee students randomly.
  • The feedback form is collected and analyzed by coordinator and college IQAC.
  • A student should have the same mentor throughout his/her course.

Mentor Mentee List (Session 2022-23)