Mathematics reveals its secrets only to those who approach it with pure love, for its own beauty - Archimedes.

Mathematics includes the study of such topics as numbers ,formulas and related structures ,shapes and spaces in which they are contained ,and quantities and their changes calculus analysis).Mathematics is widely used in science for modeling phenomena. This enables the extraction of quantitative predictions from experimental laws. For example, the movement of planets can be predicted with high accuracy using Newton’s law of gravitation combined with mathematical computation.
Mathematics is essential in many fields, including engineering, medicine, finance, computer science and social sciences . Some areas of mathematics, such as statistics and game theory , are developed in direct correlation with their applications, and are often grouped under the name of applied mathematics.

Areas of Mathematics

  • Number theory
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Mathematical logic and set theory
  • Calculus and analysis
  • Applied mathematics
  • Statistics and other decision sciences
  • Computational mathematics

Mathematics Department

In 2014, Government College Drang at Narla introduced science discipline with Mathematics as one of the major subjects.
The broad aims of bachelor degree programme in Mathematics are:

  • Broad and balance knowledge in Mathematics in addition to understanding of key concepts, principles and theories.
  • To develop student’s ability and skill to acquire expertise over solving Mathematical problems.
  • To provide knowledge and skill to the students thus enabling them to undertake further studies in Mathematics in related areas or multidisciplinary areas that can be helpful for self-employment/entrepreneurship.
  • To mould a responsible citizen who is aware of most basic domain-independent knowledge, including critical thinking and communication.
  • To enable the students to prepare for national as well as international competitive examinations, especially UGC-CSIR NET and other competitive Examination.

Mathematics Syllabus

Profile of Teaching Staff

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Dr. Asha Singh
Assistant Professor
M.Sc,M.Phil,Ph.D. & SET

Email :

Mob No : 8988246883


Students Intake : 80

Subject Combination : For Arts : English or Economics or Geography.  For Science : Physics & Chemistry

Session 2023-24

Session 2022-23