In view of the drastic changes brought about by science and technology in today’s fast-paced world, literature is of vital importance because imagination not only permits an escape but also visibly empowers us to change perspectives. It is the crux of our lives and the centre of culture even though it might be intangible and is certainly immeasurable. Humanities or literary discourse brings about qualitative changes that remain immeasurable, but for its manifestation in human conduct that may be observed and experienced, but not quantified.
Literature is not just words on a page, it is how one experiences the world around us. Literature therefore, teaches us not just to observe and chronicle society but also to forge and inculcate positive human values. It holds up a mirror to life and challenges the beholder to accurately represent those who are vulnerable, exploited and unheard.
The present circumstances demand a compact between increasing utilitarianism and philosophical abstractions. This is possible only through an active engagement between local and global needs and the manifestation of the resulting experiences in literary terms. The core values that are a driving force for humankind should be given their rightful place in the pursuit of a better world. English studies is therefore the apt meritorious commander to recognise, respect and transcend these binaries.
Language plays a vital role in human communication. A good understanding of grammar and language skills is an asset in  communication and interpersonal skills, which in turn play a pivotal role in leading a successful life.

Overview of the Department

The department was established in 2007, at the time of the inception of the college. The college being affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University follows the curriculum prescribed by the university. Literature is used as a tool  to uncover the world to the students hailing from rural areas. It is also used for honing the communication skills of students. The department offers courses at undergraduate level.

Courses Offered

  • Core (Compulsory) English
  • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course
  • Discipline Specific Courses/Core English
  • Ability Enhancement Elective Courses/Skill Enhancement Courses
  • Discipline Specific Elective Courses
  • Generic Elective Courses

English Syllabus

Profile of Teaching Staff

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Ms. Shikha Kapur, Assistant Professor , M.A., M.Phil.VIEW PROFILE
Ms. Asha Kumari, Assistant Professor, M.A., M.Phil.VIEW PROFILE
Student intake in DSC-1  =  60