There will be zero tolerance to ragging, which is a punishable offence and strictly prohibited in and around the college. Any student who directly or indirectly commits, participate in, aids and abets or instigate ragging will be punished under law. The incident of ragging in any form may immediately be brought into the notice of the members of Anti-Ragging committee.

Code of Conduct for Students

The following acts will be considered as misconduct and indiscipline. Any studentinvolved will be punished with fine or suspension / expulsion or both.
  • Not carrying his /her admit card.
  • Writing obscenities /dirty words on blackboards, walls or furniture
  • Banging doors and other items of furniture.
  • Loitering in the college campus, making noise or trying to disturb the classes.
  • Smoking, taking drugs / alcohol, chewing tobacco and spitting in the college campus.
  • Bringing outsiders, miscreants, anti-social elements in the campus.
  • Pasting posters on the walls or on the noticeboard  without prior permission of the Principal.
  • Misbehaving with the teachers and other staff members.
  • Holding any meeting in the campus without prior permission.
  • Using mobile phones in the college campus.
  • Removing or breaking the furniture, windowpane, plucking flowers, removing notices.
  • Teasing girl students in any manner, is an offence punishable under Law.

All the students are advised not to indulge in such kind of activities.