There will be zero tolerance to ragging. Ragging is a punishable offence and is strictly prohibited. Any student who directly or indirectly commits, participates in, aids and abets or instigates ragging will be punished under law. The incident of ragging in any form may immediately be brought to the notice of the members of anti-ragging committee.

Members of Anti-ragging Committee.

Ms. Ranjana Malhotra (Principal) 9816022775

Ms. Suneeta Singh (Associate Professor) 9418347980

Ms. Jaya Thakur (Associate Professor) 9418408383

Dr. Sanjay Sehgal (Associate Professor) 9418400027

Dr. Sanjay Sharma (Associate Professor) 9418371424

Mr. Ramesh Chand Kataria (Assistant Professor) 9418481240

Dr. Ravinder Kumar (Associate Professor) 9817017814

Mr. Ram Singh Patyal (Superintendent.) 9857203011

Govt. Degree College Drang
Govt. Degree College Drang