Scholarships are provided for the encouragement of IRDP, SC/ST and OBC students. There is a special provision of the scholarships and financial aids granted to the socially backward students. The college offers various scholarships and awards to poor and meritorious students, regulated by the rules available in the college. Government of India Scheduled Tribe/Caste Scholarships, Students Aid Fund Stipend, IRDP Scholarships, Maharishi Valmik Chhatravrity Yojna to the boy/girl students belonging to the families of those engaged in unclean occupations. Minority Students Scholarship Scheme Handicapped Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to students as per norms and rules prescribed by the department.

A student who fails to show satisfactory results in the examination forfeit his/her claim to concession or other financial assistance.

Scholarship Committee

1. Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Associate Professor(Convener)

2. Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Associate Professor

3. Dr. Jitender Kumar, Assistant Professor

4. Mr. Mahinder Singh, Assistant Professor

5. Mr. Bhed Ram, Assistant Professor

6 Mr. Suresh Kumar, Clerk

7. Ms. Kavita, Clerk

Govt. Degree College Drang
Govt. Degree College Drang